By means of the Breez…My Favorites

February 16, 2008 at 9:13 pm (Random)

My favorite ice cream: Straight Up ChocolateMy favorite song ever: You can’t ask a music teacher that

My favorite song this year: From the Inside Out -Hillsong United

My favorite team: Besides Penn State? Seattle Seahawks

My favorite food: Potatoes…doesn’t matter how their made

My favorite place to be: In the Mountains

My favorite person to fight: Breza …. X

My favorite obsession: LOST

My favorite alcoholic drink: Whiskey Sour

My favorite drink: Raspberry Iced Tea

My favorite restaurant: Applebees

My favorite shoes: American Eagle

My favorite place to visit: Somewhere i’ve never been before

My favorite female blogger: Beth Sweeting

My favorite male blogger: Mike Tukeva

My favorite clothing: Rockstar Apparel 🙂

My favorite TV show: LOST / Everybody Loves Raymond

My favorite game: Settlers

My favorite card game: Pitch/Set Back

My favorite drug: Contact… (OTC) Keeps me alive when i’m sick and have to teach

My favorite color: Blue

My favorite book: Tie between The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges and Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard

My favorite website:

My favorite person to laugh with: Jon Smock

My favorite person to tease: Jessie

My favorite pitch/set back partner: Spence

My favorite game to hustle: I don’t hustle very well…

My favorite sport to play: Soccer

My favorite poker hand: Pocket Kings

My favorite person to nap with: My Bed, because it is SOOO comfy

My favorite video game: Ghost Recon

My favorite thing to fry: Chicken

My favorite dog: Sheltie

My favorite movie: Drumline….Just Kidding The Emperor’s New Groove

My favorite holiday: Christmas

My favorite candy: Kit-Kat

My favorite day: Sunday

My favorite place to sleep: Anywhere warm and super comfy

My favorite thing to do: Laugh with my friends

What are yours?



  1. Jessie said,

    you spelled jon’s name wrong. i bet he’s gonna kill you.

  2. natereed said,

    No i didn’t… 😉

  3. bethieboo said,

    your favorite movie is soooooo Drumlilne

  4. My Favorites « Kings Pray said,

    […] Posted in Random Thoughts I’m continuing the chain. […]

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