Weekend Update from Holland, MI

March 22, 2008 at 2:46 pm (family, sports)

Amid many traveling difficulties, my entire family (and the families of all the other team members) eventually made it out to Hope College in Holland, MI to see Messiah battle vs. Oglethorpe College (Georgia) for a trip to the title game. Actually…it wasn’t really a battle, it was more or less a beating as Messiah, as quoted in the local newspaper, DOMINATED the other team 80-60. The team played awesome and they face a tough, undefeated team from Texas tonight at 6:00 EST. The game vs. Howard Payne University will be broadcast live on CSTV tonight at 6:00 as well if you get that station and want to watch a great game. All the girls played so well and messiah definitely brought the best/loudest fans.

The gym here is incredible and the city is, well, they all think they are Dutch… It doesn’t really feel like march though because we got about 10 inches of snow and huge gusts of wind starting just as i pulled into town yesterday at 11 AM. I mentioned traveling dificulties….my brother Ben was first to arrive in grand rapids followed by Sarah who not only made her first solo flight, but skipped a lacrosse tournament back at home of which she is the captain of her team. Mom and Dad arrived at 2:30 AM after having flights pushed back about 2 hours due to the approaching snow storm. I met the same fate as most of the other parents that were traveling from the east; complete cancellation. So i hopped in the car at 11 PM Thursday night and, as as Selene Dion says, “I drove all night…to get to [Amy’s game]”. Nothing spectacular happened on the drive, although it was probably the dullest roads next to the stretch from Kansas through Nebraska…

No matter what happens tonight, it will be a special evening because we all will be here to watch Amy play in her last official basketball game/tournament. Doesn’t seem like it because she has been doing this since she was 9. We’ll let you know how things go tonight….GO FALCONS!

On a side note…my big bro turns 25 today! Happy Birthday Spence!


1 Comment

  1. Spence said,

    Two things…

    Technically, my birthday is March 21st, but I appreciate the intent. (my wife thought it was the 22nd as well)

    Also, the fact that you misspelled Celine Dion does not change or condone the fact that you just quoted Celine Dion. I don’t know what to say.

    It is nice to have you back, though!

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