Every Season must come to an end…

March 25, 2008 at 2:17 am (family, sports)

Well the lady falcons made a great run at it, but just couldn’t pull of the championship victory.  It’s a hard game to lose once you’ve come so far, but the ladies let their character shine through the toughness of the loss, even when the opposing team wouldn’t even come over to say good game at the end…jerks.  Either way, i can’t begin to describe how proud of my sister i am, as well as for the whole team for making it to the big dance.  To cap it off, the local newspaper, the morning of the championship game, had a full page picture of Amy driving the lane to advertise the big game which was cool to see.

I have to say one of the neatest things about the weekend was being able to have the whole family there.  Saturday night, the team organized a short Easter service (since everyone was going to be traveling the next morning) where we had some sweet worship, a cool message, and communion; in the hotel nonetheless.  It was especially meaningful for us because we have no idea when the entire family will be back together again…probably not until Christmas…we’ll see.

Anyway, for Amy, the end of basketball season doesn’t mean time to relax…she has a track meet on Wednesday…DANG.  Should be another great season for her as the only thing between her and a few other national titles (Javelin and Heptathlon – thats 7 events for those who don’t know their prefixes) last year were a couple of seniors….now they’re gone.  Time for her to tear it up…again!



  1. mrwcase said,

    your sister is such a beast!

  2. michaelbreza said,

    but hot.

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