New Hobby!

April 23, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Music, School)

So a few weeks ago our school was administering PSSA test and they had activities planned for the students in the afternoon so they could unwind and relax before the next day of testing.  Our Principle asked me if i would be interested in DJ-ing a school dance at the end of the day and i thought about it and accepted.  The whole week before, i had a ton of kids tell me all the songs that they were into and i spent a bit of time screening them and buying the appropriate ones off of iTunes (on the schools bill of course 🙂 ) and put together a pretty sweet play list for the event.  The kids loved it and now the school has decided to drop their regular DJ ( a hired professional in the area) and hire from in-house.  Needless to say, i have a new side career!  My debut night-event will be next friday night.  Wish you could come, but its only open to middle schoolers, sorry….wait, that sounds horrible…

I suppose i’m going to need a sweet DJ name.  Any ideas?  I thought “DJ Nasty” would be cool, but its already taken by a guy who prints dirty pictures on his albums.  Probably not the best example to follow.



  1. Jon Smock said,

    There’s so much potential….I’m actually overwhelmed. I’m also disheartened at the use of DJ Nasty already, but you couldn’t have actually used that, so no harm done.

    First, this site dubbed you, “DJ Sinful Repeater”. I’d have to go with DJ Nasty over that one.

    Second, you could choose a name based on how you landed this gig. Something like “DJ Freebie” or “DJ Second-Best”. I suppose neither of those actually apply, since you knocked the paid guy out of his spot.

    Ok, I’ve actually got nothing. I submit this simply, because it made me laugh: DJ Skinny Swivel.

  2. Jon Smock said,

    Upon reading that comment again….DJ Sinful Repeater……ouch.

  3. Kenny said,

    I think you should start rapping too, and then you can be MC whatever instead of just DJ whatever.

  4. bethieboo said,

    DJ Skinny Swivel made me laugh…..a lot!

  5. Spencer said,

    DJ Rushmore


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