a bittersweet, but exciting announcement

May 27, 2008 at 2:57 am (Music, Passion)

In my time at Penn State, i felt God telling me that eventually i would be a part of some full-time ministry at some point in my life.  I always figured that it would be later on down the road once i had gathered up some security, paid off the loans, and had my descent sized house with a white picket fence, somewhere in suburbia.  I should’ve known that God usually has something completely different in store. This past year has been filled with a lot of things, mostly positive things i’m proud to report.  But as suggested, God was sirring up something beyond anything i could’ve ever come up with on my own and now it’s come to fruition.

As soon as this school year has completed, i have accepted a position that was offered to me earlier this month with McLean Bible Church in Tyson’s Corner, VA (just outside of DC – more to come on the church later).   I am going to be taking part of a large church’s calling to reach secular DC, with the hope that if we reach the nations capital for Christ, we can impact the rest of our nation.  I will be working with and training up many different adult and collegiate worship teams, learning to oversee all matters creative arts (visual, audio, behind the scenes etc.) while having an opportunity to lead worship with some of our nations most talented worship leaders and players.  It’s something i’m totally thrilled about because i get to employ all things I love and am interested in, and make it my ministry.  Unfortunately this is all going to happen very quickly as my position is effective June 15th.

While I am ecstatic, I do face the harsh reality of leaving behind some incredible people that I will miss dearly, and a job that has taught me more then i could’ve ever expected.  I couldn’t have asked for a better year.  I enjoyed a challenging but never boring job, lived with two of my favorite people, made some unforgettable memories with my friends, and learned a lot about my limits, my capabilities, my short comings, and, as my blog suggests, my passions.  There isn’t one thing about this past year that I regret or would change and i now see how it all has prepared me for this next step.

Some might ask why i feel i need to leave all i have here and my answer will always be this:  because i know it’s what God has in store for me and he has made it more clear then anything i’ve ever known.  And thats something i can’t say no to.  Thats the news for now; more to come as moving day gets closer, but for now, i have a school year to complete.


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She’s done it again…for the last time

May 26, 2008 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized)

This past weekend, Amy officially completed her career as a collegiate athlete and in doing so, she left her mark.  She was in Wisconsin for the NCAA D3 Track and Field, outdoor national championships.  She was competing in the javelin, triple jump and, her personal favorite, the heptathlon (7 events for those that didn’t read the earlier post).  She finished the triple jump in the middle of the pack and placed third in the jav.  In the heptathlon, however, she finished the first day in 5th place with 3 events to go on Saturday (all of which were her strongest ones).  She DESTROYED everyone on the second day to not only win the national championship, but to set a national record for most total points EVER (5,111).  On top of it all, she increased her all American status to 3rd-time and received the division’s highest honor of National Field Athlete of the Year.  DANG!

So here’s to one great athletic career.  Amy, it’s been so fun to watch you grow as an athlete and person over the years.  I will miss the tournament trips, victories, and awards and plaques to numerous to count!  I love you and I’m so proud of you!  Now it’s time for you to save the world! (believe me…she’ll find a way to do it!)

Messiah released sweet article about the whole thing you can read here.

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Sad but true…

May 13, 2008 at 1:02 am (Uncategorized)

So recently i’ve been sorting through papers and files that i have stored at home with the intent of trashing a lot of junk i don’t need and things that I’ve saved for no apparent reason.  Anyway, i’m ashamed to admit that i USED to be a chronic receipt saver.  Anything that i bought with my debit card since spring of 2005, for some reason, i felt the need to save the receipt.  Yes, its sad.  The only reason i can think of why, was just in case i needed to prove an error in my account records.  Other then that…yikes.  At least, now i’ve admitted it and thats the first step to a recovery.

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My Sister, the Beast!

May 5, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Uncategorized)

So i had to take another blog post to brag about my sister Amy. As soon as B-ball was over, she jumped right into track and, as usual, tore things up. I wanted to post a picture of her when she took third at a world open meet in the Heptathlon (7 events – Shot put, javelin, 800M, 100 Hurdles, long jump, high jump, 200M). Being a world open meet it was open to all divisions and she ranked below (but not far from) 2 girls from UCLA. Amy competes at the D-3 nationals in a week and is a favorite for gold. Anyway, the picture says it all. Enjoy!

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