Sad but true…

May 13, 2008 at 1:02 am (Uncategorized)

So recently i’ve been sorting through papers and files that i have stored at home with the intent of trashing a lot of junk i don’t need and things that I’ve saved for no apparent reason.  Anyway, i’m ashamed to admit that i USED to be a chronic receipt saver.  Anything that i bought with my debit card since spring of 2005, for some reason, i felt the need to save the receipt.  Yes, its sad.  The only reason i can think of why, was just in case i needed to prove an error in my account records.  Other then that…yikes.  At least, now i’ve admitted it and thats the first step to a recovery.



  1. karlo said,

    dude – saving receipts is a good thing. the rule of thumb i always heard was to save them for 3 years, because that’s the back length of an audit. plus, 5 out of 5 wives want you to save them. trust me.

  2. mrwcase said,

    i too, used to be a receipt saver….although i would do it so that i could later go back and balance my checking account (this is pre-discovering PNC’s beautiful online banking magic)…i feel your pain…i hope that you can one day let go of the memories of money…that you let go a long time ago

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