a positive and a negative

June 1, 2008 at 3:07 am (Uncategorized)

So the negative first…i got this horrible canker sore on my tongue this week tha rested right on top of a molar in my mouth….OUCH!  It was so bad one day this past week that the only way i could talk without it hurting was to talk with a huge lisp….that made for an interesting day of middle school teaching, let me tell you.  This whole experience has made me really appreciate Benzocaine with oral anesthetic….otherwise known as “the stuff that will numb any pain, including your whole mouth if used incorrectly.”

On another note, this past weekend, Spence, Beth, Jon and I got to head down to Manheim, PA to lead worship at a wedding for some local friends.  Not only was it a hilarious and absolutely fun weekend, but I actually got to play piano at the wedding which was a super sweet experience.  I’ve really felt a lot of growth in my piano chops this past year and its always really humbling to get the chance to play and lead from a different instrument.  It was also different to feel nervous before playing because i haven’t felt that in a long time.  But things went well an the couple is happily married now.  So here’s to cool new experiences in the name of love!

anyway thats a wrap to this random post.  I have one more week of middle school teaching then the craziness of moving begins  YEESH!!!  If you live in Williamsport, we need to hang out soon!  Night all!


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  1. bethieboo said,

    it was a fun weekend, should have posted about it…..oy

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