What I’m doing today

June 10, 2008 at 4:09 pm (Uncategorized)

As of 3:30 PM yesterday, my contract with the Williamsport Area School District came to a close.  So today starts the awkward, rushed, and stressful period of transition where packing looms around every corner and a mixture of positive and negative anxiety plague the mind.  So what am i doing about it today?   Packing of course.  I’m taking a quick break to eat and waiting for a phone call to tell me where I’m going to live in 4 days.  The first year of the program at McLean includes a home stay with a family in the church.  I have no expectations or idea of what it could be like.  I’ve heard that it could be anything from a single room in a small house, to a huge mansion that a local rich family owns and needs someone to house sit for a year….ok so thats a little too optimistic, but i has happened in the past.  Either way, my goal over the next few days is to get rid of everything i can do without and more.  I’ve thrown away a ton of stuff that i didn’t even realize that i had including clothes, old school supplies, “welcome to penn state” packets etc.  I’ve also thrown a lot of stuff away that while i still want to hold on to (i’m a pack rat) i still needed to say goodbye to.  It’s kind of wild and definitely taking me on a few trips down memory lane.  I will still have a great deal of music stuff/gear to tag along but thats my life so i think thats ok.  Anyway, soon i should be able to tell you my new address and maybe at some point i can start packing the car.  Tomorrow I’m taking a load of stuff down to store with a family friend that lives in Laurel, MD.  Please pray for me these next few days because I’ve picked up a sore-throat/cough, and I’m really going to need a lot of strength to make this transition i so many different ways.  Ok back to work.



  1. karlo said,

    why on earth would you throw away your welcome to PSU packets? you’re crazy…

  2. michaelbreza said,

    why on earth did you take one (let alone multiple) welcome to PSU packets? I’m amazed each and every day that we are friends…

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