Day One…Check

June 16, 2008 at 12:58 am (Uncategorized)

Well I just got home from my first day at work and all i can say is that I feel Blessed, Pumped, and very anxious.  These first two weeks are more of an orientation for me and the other Future Leaders in the program (there are 11 of us).  Today was more of a meet and greet/welcome to the church/here’s what to expect of the upcoming year sort of day.  We also received our job descriptions.  So now instead of telling people what i think i might be doing at the church, i can actually tell you what it is i’m going to do (at least from what i have read).  So i figured it would be easiest to summarize my job description:

“Working under the Frontline Creative Arts team, i will be exposed, trained, and utilized in all aspects of worship service planning and production including rehearsing and developing on-campus musicians (associated with “the gathering” collegiate ministries to University of MD, Georgetown, George Washington U, 703, and American University), working with worship leaders to plan service elements and flow, organizing and training volunteers for set-up/tear-down and other service roles.  Recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers for all service roles, Preparing service media as well as post-service media (podcasts, web graphics, blogs, Frontline website), Producing services, leading volunteer small groups/bible studies, and recieving training in lighting design concepts and board operation, audio set-up/operation concepts, video operations, camera directing, shading, non-linear HD editing, and audio post-production editing.”

Whew!!!  It of course will include a lot of training in some things that i have had less experience with but it is very much like what i did for ACF, just on a much larger and more professional scale.  The people i get to work with are amazing at what they do and i’m excited to pick their brains A LOT!!!  It’s also a little scarry because  not only will i jump right into it in two weeks, but this is the first time they’ve ever brought someone one in to do this stuff…good thing i’m a fast learner.

The next three days are going to be spent off-site.  The other future leaders and myself are going to the eastern shore for a retreat to get to know each other better before we start our respective ministry areas (tough i know…).  Even though its going to be a blast, i think its a smart move because they are going to hit us hard and expect a lot of us once we begin.  We are all getting along very well and are going to become quite close throughout the year.  Anyway, more to come once i get back from Maryland.  Love you all

Oh one more thing…i found out I’m going to Rwanda on a mission trip for 2 weeks in February…AWESOME!



  1. stephaleena said,


    That all sounds wonderful…So so so glad that things are incredible so far…but I didn´t expect anything else!

    Max says ¨hi¨ back to Uncle Nate. Well, actually he said “hola” but I think you get what he means.

    Today I got a bit choaked up just for a moment at the end of Pastor Otto´s last sermon, but I am proud to say that I finally had a day without tears!! I heeded your dehydration warning and have been replenishing my liquids 🙂

    Enjoy the single crowd, jerk. Meanwhile, the single crowd here (me) is having a blast!!! hahahah


  2. Kenny said,

    Heya! Currently in Peru… with not much time to type. But it’s awesome to hear that things are going well! Pumped for this opportunity for you. Not to mention that I’ll be in DC all of next year…

  3. Jon Smock said,


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