June 27, 2008 at 1:17 am (Uncategorized)

Tomorrow brings my first weekend since i started my new job in VA!! (Fri and Sat are my days off) After these first two weeks i can’t begin to describe how grateful and excited i am to be able to work with such incredible and talented people and serve at such a relevant and active church. I’m going to learn a TON about a lot of different areas that i LOVE and am going to get rocked in the process and i cant’ wait. I’m also humbled and thankful that God has allowed me to be surrounded by such incredible leaders and creative team members. This situation is so unique and i still find it hard to believe that i’m here to do all of this. So there’s my work update.

In other worlds, i feel like i’ve fallen off the face of the earth with a lot of you and to be honest, I just have not had a free moment to call and see how things are doing. I also get really poor cell reception at the place I’m staying. Not very good excuses, but i do feel horrible about it. SO, expect a call in the next few days because i miss all of you dearly and want to hear how things are back in PA. I’ve been thinking and praying for you all often! Happy weekend to y’all!


P.S. – We studied the biography of Hudson Taylor this week, a missionary to China. If you want to see what it really means to trust Christ…google him and read about him…REDICULOUS!!! (or you can start here)


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  1. stephaleena said,

    ahem. thank you.

    and thanks for the travel advice! much appreciated!

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