A special day/weekend

July 7, 2008 at 3:09 am (Uncategorized)

Well it’s late Sunday night and i’m officially spent; but for good reason.  This morning i got back from an incredibly fun weekend in Pittsburgh with some of the old crew from Penn State and then some, to celebrate the 4th.  Even though it was Pittsburgh (one of the top ten dirtiest cities in the country…right Brian?) we had an awesome time at Kennywood, hanging out on jessie’s patio, watching the fireworks, and playing volleyball.  I’m always up for weekends like that.

Today was also pretty special (besides the obvious…).  I had the the privilege of playing at Frontline for my first time and if there is any word to describe the experience, it would be humbling.  Now i have to say that i truly miss the team from PSU and the Port and love playing with them more then anything, however, i think they will understand what i’m about to say.  Playing at frontline tonight has been one of the first times that i’ve ever played on a team where i was one of the “less talented” members of the group, and i say that with no intentions of being cocky.  It was very edifying and challenging and I’m looking forward to having my butt kicked musically some more this year.  I’m alos looking forward to being able to play with such a state of the art and talented sound team!  The service was also really cool and new and has been the focus of all my team’s work this past week (we’re doing a series on worship and would be worth podcasting).  I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes over the next 2 weeks.  I get to do the same set again tomorrow night at Arlington with the same band and i’m looking forward to that as well.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who made this weekend extra special.  I love you all!




  1. Brian said,

    Volleyball? Pepperball Nate, Pepperball. It rolls off the tongue.

  2. Spence said,

    Whatever dude. I didn’t like playing with you anyway.

  3. stephaleena said,

    I like reading all these stories you make up about your exciting life!! It really does seem that you are actually in D.C. instead of living in your mom’s basement. Keep up the creativity, Nate!

  4. bethieboo said,

    i agree with spence

    you are vapor to us

  5. Nate said,

    interesting…i think thats funny because that comment originated from Spence.

  6. marikolynn said,

    top ten dirtiest cities eh?!?!?!

    I give you a swift kick to the…

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