an honest question

July 22, 2008 at 2:55 am (Uncategorized)

So lately i’ve had this question on my mind…is it better to specialize in very few things or even one thing in particular, or have experience in a lot of different areas?

Here’s why i ask. I’m a guy that likes to experience a lot of things. Maybe it’s because i think there are a lot of awesome things (or blessings if you will) that God has made possible for us to take part in while were here. When i think about it like that, i find myself in a place where i want to see the entire world, meet tons of different people, and try lots of new things. On the flip side, when you spend a lot of time in many different areas, it makes it really tough to be REALLY good at something. The bible doesn’t really speak to either train of thought. It mainly says WHATEVER you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto the Lord, and not to man. So i wonder which of these trains of thought is best? I’m sure its just an opinion question and we need both types of people in the world, so i don’t know…any words from the wise?



  1. rspilhaus said,

    Hah, not going to be much help, but I think that at least Biblically we’re called to be “specialized” (the whole different gifts/different parts of the body idea) in serving God and yet we’re also called to do things we aren’t good at (just because someone doesn’t have the gift of evangelism doesn’t mean they don’t have to evangelize).

    So I didn’t answer your question at all. Sorry. Hah.

  2. Jon Smock said,

    I disagree with the “we’re all the best at something” school of thought. I think we all have a combination of gifts, for which we have various levels of competency. It’s the combination and our situation that makes us unique. For instance, your ministry might need someone with a great musical ear and a good understanding of organization/administration. Another ministry might need someone who is absolutely phenomenal at graphic arts. Another ministry needs a pastor who is fairly good at teaching, disciplining, prophesy, and worship (but not the best), because they’re a church plant.

    As far as what you should focus on? I think that comes down to calling and passion. For my job I need to know a lot of technologies, so I’m more of a hybrid. I try to focus on programming, but I understand that I’m going to be a jack of all trades. I think I’ve been a jack of all trades type for a long time. However, I USED to want to be an artist for Disney (until the 7th grade). I would spend probably 4-5 hours a day drawing. That’s what you need to do to be a great drawer, and that’s where my passion was.

    I don’t think you can make a generalization. You have to look at the situation holistically and decide, “Do I need to be the best at this, or do I need to be just good at a few things?” If you’re a worker bee, you tend to be the former. If you’re a manager, you tend to be the latter, in my opinion.

  3. natereed said,

    jon, i really like your response.

  4. Spencer said,

    i think we should do whatever we’re called to do to the best of our abilities. that’s why serving God required sacrifice. much like the rich young ruler and his “stuff,” i think that trying to do more than we’re called is an ego thing. if we’re trying to hold on to everything, we can’t really follow like we’re meant to.

  5. Jon Smock said,

    Good call, Spence. I let my ego get involved all too much.

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