August 1, 2008 at 2:34 pm (Books)

So back in May, a few weeks before Prince Caspian came out on the big screen, i realized…hmmm, i hate it when i see a sweet movie but everyone else always says “the book was SO much better” or, more commonly, when i realize, “dang, i didn’t even know that was a book”.  So i decided that i was going to read straight through the Narnia series.  I’m happy to say that i did make it through Prince Caspian (book 4) before i saw the movie and i was glad i did.  That movie was AMAZING!  I’m also pleased to report, that as of last night, i finally finished the series with “The Last Battle”!  I wasn’t in a huge rush to get through the books even though i could’ve read through the entire series in a week if i wanted to; they’re that easy of a read.  C.S. Lewis has such an incredible ability to paint the Gospel in such creative ways.  I don’t really have any profound analysis or deep thoughts on the books, I really just wanted to relay that I really enjoyed reading through the books, especially since i haven’t read any fiction in the longest time.  I suppose it’s time to pick a new series…maybe i’ll go back to reading the boxcar children 🙂  or there’s always Harry Potter…Any suggestions?



  1. Ryan said,

    Haha yeah, I read the whole series in a week for the first time about 6 months or so ago. The Last Battle is a very profound book…I feel like it was a lot different than the others.

    What was your favorite? Mine was “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.

    As for books? Ummm…Don’t we have enough reading as it is? Haha. I’m only 50 pages into “Go, Put Your Strengths to Work”

  2. Jessie said,

    the chronicles of narnia are just amazing. dawn treader is probably my favorite, but the last battle and silver chair and so close behind. i just love them!! i re-read them often, they are the perfect books when you need something lighthearted and yet thought-provoking.

    also, yes. read harry potter. they are SO good.

  3. Spencer said,

    harry potter is for heretics.

  4. Jessica West said,

    have you heard of Francine Rivers? She is a really good fictional/historical writer (allot of women read her books) but she is an excellent author and you learn so much about the history of the bible through her books.

    if interested I can lend you some…

    Also I have this book called Starfish (I read books for the bookstore here to let her know if they are good or not) and thats a pretty good manly fiction book
    but nothing beats boxcar children 🙂

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