“nathan needs”

February 21, 2009 at 3:31 pm (Uncategorized)

So i heard about this idea the other day and thought i’d try it out and it’s pretty funny.  The idea is that you google “[your first name] needs” (include the quotes) and then post the top ten things that goggle says you need…  anyway, here’s a laugh for y’all, as well as the ten things that “i need” 🙂

  1. Nathan Needs some huggies
  2. Nathan Needs full assistance for all his personal needs
  3. Nathan Needs ritalin
  4. Nathan Needs Facebook
  5. Nathan Needs hernia surgery
  6. Nathan Needs some sleep
  7. Nathan Needs foster care
  8. Nathan Needs to shave
  9. Nathan Needs to be famous yesterday
  10. Nathan Needs a digital piano

Try it out with YOUR name and send me your results…fun times 🙂



  1. natereed said,

    ok i had to try “nate” out too 🙂

    Nate Needs help
    Nate Needs explosive thermal detonating muffins
    Nate Needs a haircut
    Nate Needs a girlfriend
    Nate Needs your help
    Nate Needs the log
    Nate Needs babysitters
    Nate Needs to stop being pretentious
    Nate Needs a bachelor party
    Nate Needs a permanent home

    this is SO fun!!!

  2. jordanegli said,

    Jordan Needs to step up the efforts to attract
    Jordan Needs to forget the mature lady
    Jordan Needs a heart
    Jordan Needs more funds
    Jordan Needs a middle name
    Jordan Needs to stop overreacting
    Jordan Needs nuclear energy
    Jordan Needs new job every seven minutes
    Jordan Needs more prayers
    Jordan Needs a MeBeWeBe program

  3. alequiree said,

    Looks like you are a true specialist. Did you study about the matter? hehe

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