Rwanda: World Relief Recap #3

February 28, 2009 at 7:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Day 5…Wednesday. Today was intended to be a day at World Relief Headquarters. We were to spend half of the day shadowing our buddies, and then the other half was spent helping them to reorganize and consolidate their office space. So I spent most of the morning with my Buddy Celestin Gatera (post on him coming next!) learning about his job, sitting in on some of his conference calls, and asking a lot of questions to help me understand what it all entails. We both have such different jobs and we both had a blast getting to know what each other did and how were each serving the kingdom in our own, unique ways. I then had some time to help out with the big move before lunch. In about 2 hours we moved just about everyone’s offices to their new locations. It was such a blessing to WR because had we not been there, they would’ve had to hire people to move them and they didn’t have the money to do so, so thank God for the energy of our team ☺

After lunch I was treated to a surprise from my buddy. Gatera, as he likes to be called, arranged for him and I to visit a local music school so I could see what the music education scene looked like in Rwanda. We drove into town to a house that had been transformed into a school. Here, about 50 kids show up after school for singing, piano, guitar, theory, and percussion lessons, as well as for some focused instruction on some native Rwanda instruments such as the “Inanga”. After a tour from the director of the school (which had a few practice rooms and even a traditional dance room fit with a mirror), I sat down with all the faculty and played along with some of their original compositions. It was fun and interesting as they don’t like to do music in traditional “4”. A friend of mine videoed this and I hope to post it sometime soon. Then I got to sit in for part of a piano/theory lesson and the director showed me the methods they use. The school uses the Alfred piano method and they were missing all the upper levels. All the books were made from photo copies and were bound with plastic. I mean to find out what levels they still need so that I can have them sent out so the kids can learn past level 3.

After that, Gatera and I needed to head back to World Relief so we bid adieu and were on our way. I was so glad to have visited that school. Just being able to see the need for education and how much better we have it educationally in the U.S. was very humbling. It makes me regret the days last year where the other teachers and myself would sit around grumbling about how we couldn’t do what we wanted in our classrooms because of our budgets…talk about a new perspective. When we got back, Gatera had some meetings to attend and we had some business of our own to tend to. It was Natalie Bingham’s birthday so a few of us went with Myan Greene (the other liaison between WR and McLean) to a near-by coffee shop called Bourbon. We had heard a lot about this place and were curious what it would be like to see a Rwandan Coffee shop. Needless to say when we walked in, we felt like we we’re back in the states because it was a just fancy, more upscale version of starbucks ☺ We enjoyed a quick break, some iced mochas and even ran into some American volunteers from Living water that were also from the D.C. area that had been to Frontline, and even knew our friend Matt Walkley! SUCH a small world. After that we headed back to our guest house because we had a lot of work and debriefing to do before our big prayer retreat the next day. Thus ends Day 5…


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