I know I’m right with this one!!

June 22, 2009 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

My friend Scott gets on me a lot because I like to be right about things.  I do admit that some of the time, I really don’t know what I’m talking about…but that’s only on a rare occasion.  Ok, maybe a little more often then that, but, there are a good handful of things things that I just have to stand firm on! Sometimes I refer to these things as my “second gospels” 🙂  Now, they are NO WHERE NEAR as important and incredible as THE first gospel (yes, that’s Jesus in case you’re confused), but they ARE worth pushing.  Many of you know some of them already.  For example, the east coast DOES NOT have mountains (although many east coasters seem to think so and some how try to defend them).  You have hills, and in many cases, those hills are ant hills.  This doesn’t mean they’re not pretty…they are just not mountains.  If you want to see mountains, come hike with me in my hometown out west.

Then there’s Pop…not soda, pop.  I know I’m in a minority out here in this matter, but you’re just going to have to trust me…it’s pop.  There are others, but I have a new one I want to touch on tonight that just needs to be spread, and it’s in regards to one-lane bridges!

Their not uncommon all over the states, but in Virginia, VDOT must have decided to save some money by making bridges on fairly high-occupancy roads merely one-car wide.  I have no problem with this.  I DO however have a problem with how people drive on them.  Now, I understand that growing up we were always taught that it’s polite and fair to take turns. Not true, in this situation…especially when these bridges have a tendency to get backed up fairly quickly.  The solution?  Cross in Pairs! not one-by-one, but two-by-two; Noah style! This actually cuts the wait time in half!  Not three-by-three either, because that’s too tough to coordinate.  It’s kind of like the zipper theory in merging lanes.  Don’t merge early, drive to the merge point.  Your early merge isn’t saving time down the road.  Instead, it’s creating a braking reaction through every car behind you which worsens the merge back-up by a lot!  Anyway, thats another story.  The point here is to just simply go in pairs and all your one-lane bridge woes will be no more!

So if you are one of those people who gets upset, gives me mean looks, and shows me you can count to one when I travel accross said bridges using this method, know that I’m not being impatient, rude, or purposefully going out of turn accross the bridge…I’m only trying to saving you time!  So please join me in spreading the word on proper one-lane-bridge crossing etiquette, and we can lessen some of our rush-hour traffic irritations!  I promise.

I’m Nate Reed, and I approve of this message.

*NOTE TO SCOTT* – I do appreciate you keeping me honest bro!  Thanks for making me swallow my tongue when necessary! 🙂



  1. Jessie said,

    sorry nate. unless you have a big sign on your car that explains the crossing in pairs theory to everyone…. then yeah… i would assume you were a jerk… and would probably make that known with horn and/or gestures. but it IS pop. so props to that.

  2. raptureryders said,

    It’s soda…pop is a soda.
    I like the bridge theory.
    no issue with the mountains/hills.

  3. stephaleena said,

    Jen and Mike Rodgers told me about this car thing! I am amazed!

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