Ain’t as good as I once was…

July 4, 2009 at 4:36 pm (Uncategorized)

WARNING: This post contains graphic material that might not be suitable for minors and those of weak stomach.  View discretion is advised!

This past week i reached another milestone in my life…my first surgery! Cross a fairly active 25 year old male with a family history of weak knees and you can often get some small issues that need to be corrected.  What did i do?  I had a torn meniscus as well as a loss of cartilage between my femur and patella.  So this past Wednesday, i went under for orthoscopic surgery where they removed the tear and shaved off some of the back of my patella 🙂  Awesome stuff.  Recovery is coming along well, but I’m pretty slow at getting around.  I’m starting to be able to walk a bit without crutches, but like I said, it’s slow.  I should be able to drive early next week and in 2 weeks, i should be almost back to normal (minus strenuous physical activity).

It hasn’t been physically painful at all, in fact I haven’t even needed the pain killers.  However, for those that know me, you’ve probably seen that this whole thing is driving me nuts because I’m the kind of person who likes to do everything myself and I HATE to inconvenience others.  I have to give it up for Scott, My host mom, Pete and Jackie, and all my friends who have helped me out with rides and visits over the past few days.  God is certainly teaching me A LOT about patience over the past month and now ESPECIALLY through all of this! I think i even said once that this must be what its like to be super old! No offense to the wiser generation, but I can wait for old age 🙂

Anyway, I’m doing fine, even though I might be a little bit restless and annoyed at times…God has me here for a purpose and If i want to continue to do the things I love, I got to heal up right.  Below is a picture of what my knee looked like the morning after surgery.  Enjoy and Happy 4th!!!




  1. raptureryders said,

    Why are you so hairy below the knee?

  2. stephaleena said,


  3. michaelbreza said,

    I think this needs an update

  4. michaelbreza said,

    Stop chasing girls and blog. Girls dig guys that blog.

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