Next Stop, Haiti!

June 20, 2010 at 2:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Back when the Earthquake hit, I remember staring at the TV in disbelief at the chaos and destruction I was seeing.  It struck especially close to home because our church had a team of students from our College Ministry serving in Petit-Guave at the time (they were all fine, and made it home without a scratch).  As one who is passionate about relief trips, I remember thinking to myself that I needed to get down there to help out; in fact I even prayed rally hard for a way to get to Haiti, because I felt called to go down there and serve.  My mind was completely occupied with that thought for the next few days and I even made a few inquiries to our church about finding a way to make it happen.  But after a week or so, just as we all suspected it would, Haiti fell out of sight on the news and out of mind.

Well, God eventually answered those prayers in a way I wasn’t even expecting.   About a month ago, a good friend from church randomly approached me and told me that his small group was going on a relief trip to Haiti and they had one open spot.  When he asked me if I wanted to go, I had to laugh to myself when I realized that God was answering a prayer that I had totally forgotten about.  Totally in his timing 🙂 So thus said, I will be heading down to Haiti from August 28th to September 4th to do relief work with World Hope International.  We will be stationed at one of ten cities that have received very little relief effort since the earthquake hit months ago.  What will we be doing?  We won’t specifically know until about a week before we leave, but according to WH’s strategic plan for rebuilding (which you can read on their website), they are  in “phase 3” or the reconstruction and development phase.  This means that we will either be helping to rebuild schools, church’s, and hospitals, OR working on a youth focus or teacher mentoring teams, helping to serve the orphans, children, and teachers who currently have no place to live, learn, or teach in.  Either way, I’ll have the chance to use my passion for handy work or teaching in some capacity.

Through all of this, we hope to not only be of help, but to be able to share the love and peace of Christ with those we’ll be serving.  While we will never understand completely what they’ve gone through, they are in need of a lot of hope and encouragement and with God’s help, we want to share with them the restorative power found only in Christ Jesus.  I’m truly excited, and really nervous, knowing that God is going to stretch us and challenge us in some amazing ways.  Trips like this always continue to remind me of how big God really is and I can’t wait to see how that shapes my own walk with him.

As we get ready to leave, please keep my team and I in your prayers as there is a lot of preparation to be done before we head out.  You can pray specifically for me that God would strip me of any pride, selfishness, or hesitation that might keep me from being effective on this trip, and also that I would be able to serve my other team members as well.  I desperately want to the Lord to break me and shape me through this whole experience, not only for the people of Haiti’s sake, but for my ministry’s sake back at home so that I can be even more of a light and force for him in the DC metro area.  I am raising financial support for this trip as well, so if you feel led to get involved, head to our church’s website and click on “Donate Here” to get started.  When asked which team you would like to support, select “FLGI – Haiti 2 (FLA)” and type my name is as the team member you’d like to support.  I’ll be posting updates to this blog before we leave and to recap when we get back so stay tuned for those.  Let me know if you have any questions!


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